Encounters with the Paiter Suruí

Visiting the Paiter Suruí – the town of Gabgir
Indian reservation ‚7th of September‘, Line 14, Rondônia, Brazil, 2014,
HD video, 3:46 min


Native Indian Paiter Suruí at São Paulo
The video shows different encounters with Indians from the Paiter Suruí tribe from Rondônia: at first at a lecture at the University UNESP, São Paulo, with Pamatoa, Katiane and Uraan Anderson Suruí, May, 2014, followed by the discussion about the nature of Suruí ceramics compared to Western Art in the estemp space, São Paulo; thereafter scenes from the „papagaio de Humboldt“ exhibit at OCA, São Paulo, in October 2015 as well as impressions from the school lecutre at Colegio Palmares, São Paulo, with Uraan Anderson Suruí, October 2015.

Filmed and edited by Francisca Thome